About ebm-papst

Collaborative development with shared benefits.

Headquarters in Mulfingen, Germany

The ebm-papst name has been synonymous with engineering excellence in the design of fans and motors for over 60 years. With our headquarters in Mulfingen, Germany, the company has numerous innovations and awards to its credit. ebm-papst pioneered the development of the external rotor motor, award winning EC motor technology, and variable speed fans with built-in intelligence.

The ebm-papst Group employ 9600 staff who are located in 17 manufacturing sites and 57 sales and distribution facilities world-wide. With 50 million units produced every year and over 60 years experience in the innovative development and production of fans and motors we are uniquely positioned to understand and serve your requirements - whatever and wherever they may be.

ebm-papst Automotive & Drives (UK) Ltd is based in East Ilsley, Berkshire. The UK company was founded in 1979 and works in close co-operation with the German parent company.

In addition to sales and logistics, ebm-papst in the UK undertakes engineering design, product assembly, design and management of metalwork fabrication, test and evaluation. All work is carried out under BS EN 9001.

Our customers include some of the world’s major automotive, electronics and telecommunications companies. They’ve found that a partnership with ebm-papst is the ideal way to ensure that a solution is developed in the most effective and reliable way, whilst ensuring the lowest lifetime cost of their system.

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